Daily Time Table

1.Mandir Open At.5.00 A.M & Close At.10.00 P.M

2.Abhishek Puja At.5.30 A.M

3.Samudaik Aarti At.7.30 A.M

4.Mahapuja,Mahanaivadya At.11.30 to 12.30 P.M

5.Samudaik Evening Aarti At.7.30 P.m

6.Shej Aarti At.10.30 P.M

7.Every Vinayk Chaturthi Ganesh Yaag arrange by Devstan Trust

Download ganesh arti :-


Shri Ganesha Chalisa (english).pdf

Upasana :-

Upasana is a way of worshipping and pleasing a deity to seek its blessings in order to achieve success progress, joy, happiness, health, wealth. Upasana has such a great power that it can eliminat e obstacles, troubles, unhappiness, problems, issues in our life by boosting our moral, giving positive direction within ourselves without begging help from outside. Once your mind reaches an appropriate level of courage, confidence, calmness, bigger difficulties start appearing smaller & easily manageable, bigger & stiffer goals start to appear achievable & within reach. Thus Upasana is the greatest Tool available to mankind for motivation needed for miracles in life. Believe in Miracles BUT do not depend on them. Do the Upasana and leave it to God to take care of you

There are some puja's which are also known as vows of Lord Ganesha

1. Lord Ganesha's Vrata for Twenty one days - One can start it on Shravana Suddha Chaturthi and ends it on Shravana Vadya Dashmi. Between these twenty one days, one can offer Lord Ganesha 21 durvas, 21 types of flowers/patries, 21 pradakshinas(circumambulation), 21 Ardhya(water), 21 modakas. Give then modaka's to Brahmin and complete the vrata

2. Sankashti Chaturthi - There are two halves of fifteen days each of a month(in Marathi calendar). First half is known as 'Shuddha' and the second is known as 'Krishna'. Sankashti Chaturthi comes in the second half of every month. It is on the forth day of the second half. Sankat means problem. Chaturthi means fourth state. One can overcome all the problems doing this vrata. Lot of Hindus in the state of Maharashtra do this vrata. It is very simple and powerful Chaturthi means fourth state. Lord Ganesha is in the fourth state and one will able to reach up to that state. That is the reason why Chaturthi is so important. A person doing this vrata should do fasting for the entire day. In the morning perform a Panchopachar puja with Panchamrita. Follow the same in the evening after taking bath. One can end the fast in the night after seeing the moon. Try to do nam-jap on that day.

3. Angarakhi Chaturthi - Any Chaturthi which comes on Tuesday is called as Angarakhi Chaturthi. One can follow the practice given in Sankashti Chaturthi. There is a story behind this. A great devotee called Bhavme had red skin, who did penance for thousand years and got a boon. Bhaume means son of Earth(Bhumi putra). Bhaumevar is Tuesday. So it is called as Angarakhi.

4. Satya Vinayak puja

5. Other simple vratas - * One can go to Lord Ganesha's temple for 21 days continuously. * One can go to temple and perform 21 pradakshinas(circumambulation). * One can do consecration of water with saying 21 times hymn Athrvashirshas. * One can offer Lord Ganesha 21 durvas everyday before eating anything. * One can say hymn Sankatnashan Stotra in the morning, afternoon and evening. * One can go to Lord Ganesha temple every Tuesday. * One can offer beloved flowers like Mandar, Rose to Lord Ganesha.

6. Lord Ganesha Yaga

7. Ashta-Vinayak Yatra - Doing pilgrimage of Ashta-Vinayak is also a vrata. As mentioned in the Shastras one should start the pilgrimage from Morgaon and end the pilgrimage at Morgaon. (Morgaon, Pali, Mahad, Thevur, Lenyadri, Ozar, Ranjangaon, Siddhatek and again Morgaon.)